One of our Favorite Production partners;

“Quality, we believe, is an attitude of the mind”

Established in 1978, our factory has emerged a leading provider of high fashion scarves.

Located in Mumbai which enjoys a central and strategic location. We believe and strive for exclusiveness, elegance and exotic collection for our product range and to deliver punctually, this has gradually earned us trust & respect.

Nourished and nurtured with hard work and persistence over the years, today we have made a mark with an array of quality and which are needless to say are of international standards.


We are a quality oriented and known for our high quality standards and reliable services. We do not compromise on quality and each of our products undergoes stringent quality control checks to ensure that you are served with the best. We ensure that the raw materials are of the finest quality and a lot of emphasis is laid on the designs, colours and finishing of product. All products we deliver are as per HIGH international standards. 

Our Factory

The manufacturing unit where the extraordinary Scarves are created is based at (West) Mumbai.
Our unit has an extraordinary skilled & efficient labour forced working on state-of-the art machinery and only the best artisans.

We not only manufacture the best quality products but also take care to follow the highest international guidelines &  standards. The facility addresses a wide range of inspection function and processes like checking, labeling, needle detection, stitching, packing etc. The factory houses the latest stitching and other high-tech equipments and is fully compliant with ETI & other European standards such as BSCI. The entire factory layout is planned in line with requisite health, safety & environment procedures with elaborate safety markings throughout the unit and a well-trained task force. The factory has been audited by SGS India Pvt.Ltd.


Our mission on is to create quality products. Quality, we believe, is an attitude of the mind. Our efforts towards quality are achieved not through mere controls and supervision but by an inherent quest for perfection.