Marc: Inventor, designer and executor of the stylish label IMYF (loosely translated into I’ll Make You Famous). His edgy looks makes you curious…

Remarkable, Remarcable, it’s the perfect description of his being, he’s one of a kind. His bald head, most of the times accompanied by glasses, characterizes him. Together with his jeans, sneakers and his cheeky glance.
Marc is Remarcable, a new word which describes a disarmingly man full of ideas, full of actions and above all full of lust for life! Remarcable, because behind the edgy looks, you’ll find a particularly warm and engaging person.

The maker of the sustainable, beautiful and conscious brand tells about his vision:

“Expressing your feelings is het most beautiful and the finest thing there is. To be able to feel feminine in every way. To me it feels like a privilege to be able to contribute to that feeling. At home I am surrounded by four beautiful women and therefore I know damn well what is necessary to pursue this particular feeling. Preferably in all simplicity, with the least possible fuss, to make the most beautiful version of you shine!
Not only color but also the choice of yarn is very important to achieve this. The choice of yarn determines the degree of softness, refinement and suppleness of the final fabric. Here lies the base of every scarf.

Wearing comfort to fall in love with.

To miss something when you are not wearing it. Colors can come to me out of nowhere; the atmosphere I use comes from all of the quarters of the compass: From Noordwijk to Toscane, via Vancouver to le Marais in Paris or Amsterdam. The pine forests in Cecina, or Vancouver Island, but also the worldly Paris or whatever other metropolitan city.
I’ll soak up all my experiences to get to wherever my gut takes me! My roots are also very important in this process. Growing up in Noordwijk aan Zee made the beach MY place to be, my home. On the beach I find my true nature, it’s the place where I find peace and where my most beautiful ideas come to life. Cosiness, good food, a good glass of wine, long tables, friends, family and good music. All these sources are waterfalls full of inspiration.

This all can be seen in the scarves of IMYF. I want to be involved with every step of the developments process of my scarves. I follow the process with undivided attention. You could say it’s like making the perfect Risotto! You put in love and attentions and meanwhile you keep stirring until you have the ultimate structure. The result will be the most delicious risotto!”

There is not a metaphor that is more beautiful and fitting! The gorgeous scarves from IMYF originate through love, undivided attention and control.

Risotto-style rules!