Andy Warhol is king. “In the future everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes” is more than what become. By means of short-lived media publicity “the forerunner of our social media, he provided all the desire for media attention.

The present times are full of attention, trends and hypes. Our answer is I’LL MAKE YOU FAMOUS. Just because the time is ripe for a trade mark is going to connect to the desire for media attention. How? With a powerful, recognizable and strong brand that stands for success, attention and applause. IMYF: less is more …

I’ll make you famous. Quality. Dare and expression. Made for trend followers from the very first hour. They lead the way, set the tone, define the style. Each more beautiful, better, different.

IMYF’s top design, pure quality. The secret lies in the production: a completely traditional way with factories where only quality counts. With an eye for detail, the finest materials, a lot of patience and above all love.

IMYF: an experience you feel and enjoy right away.

Marc Schumacher realizes a dream: the creation of a fashion brand with unbridled ambitions.